Order number: 70149272

Product description:
Dot lasermodule, infrared, 850nm, 0.8mW, 5V DC, 8x26mm, class 1,m VCSEL Laserdiode, spot size @2m: min 10mm, typ. 11.5mm, max 13mm

• Laser Class 1
• Operating Voltage 5 V DC
• Spotsize @ 2m: min 10mm
• Typ. 11.5mm
• Max 13mmBuy in
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  • Specification
  • Warranty 1Jahre
    Beam Shape expander
    Wavelength 850nm
    Optical Power 0.8mW
    Laser Class 1
    Divergence 2mrad
    Size of Laserdot min 10mm, typ 11.5mm, max 13mm@2m
    Operating Distance 2m
    Optics Glass lens AR coated
    Laser technology VCSEL Diode
    Axial Divergence ±0.15°
    Size Ø8mm 26mm
    Material Bronze
    Cable length 300mm
    Wire type 28AWG, Typ 1061, UL1061
    Focus fixed (2000mm)
    Output Aperture 2.4mm
    Max. Mod. Frequency 0.1kHz
    Lifetime >10000h
    Operating Voltage 4.5 - 5, typ 5V DC
    Operating Current 5 - 25, typ 15mA
    Housing Color brass
    Operating Temperature -20°C - 60°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C - 80°C
    Weight 5g
    customs tarif number 90132000000
    Stripping of wire 10mm
  • Illustration and technical drawing
  • Connector pin assignment
    Ground:Cable color Ground: blackblackGND
    Positive:Cable color Positive: redred5V DC
  • Matching accessories
  • MULTI-MOUNT-08(45x75)MULTI-MOUNT-08(45x75)
    Order no.: 70112481
    Mount for Lasermodul 8mm, Diameter 45mm, Height 75mm
    51.99 EUR
    Order no.: 70117844
    Bracket for lasermodules D=8mm, 1/4'' UNC thread in base plate for mounting
    51.99 EUR
    Order no.: 70114683
    Power Supply with stripped/tinned wires, Output: 5V DC, Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, Output Power: 3W max.
    17.61 EUR
    Order no.: 70110821
    Safety Label german DIN EN 60825, Class 1, 38x23mm, yellow, PET
    0.48 EUR
    Order no.: 70112696
    Safety Label english DIN EN 60825, Class 1, 38x23mm, yellow, PET
    0.48 EUR
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