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Product description:
Bracket for lasermodules D=8mm, 1/4'' UNC thread in base plate for mounting
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  • Specification
  • Material Aluminium
    Housing Color black
    Operating Temperature -20°C - 40°C
    Storage Temperature -50°C - 50°C
    Weight 84g
    Total Height (h1) 66mm
    Height to Laseraxis (h2) 60mm
    Height of Base (h3) 34.5mm
    Mount Diameter (d1) Ø8mm
    Diameter of Base (d2) Ø25mm
    Width of Mount (b) 18mm
    Height of Mount (g) 15mm
    Height of Mount Head (k) 31.5mm
    Depth of Mount (t) 27mm
    Angle of Rotation Alpha (α) 360°
    Angle of Rotation Beta (β) ±40°
    Angle of Rotation Gamma (γ) ±40°
    customs tarif number 90139080000
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